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Ultra mom runs this town...and conquers the trails

Moms are often known for their multi-tasking skills. Just think what you can accomplish with more than 1,600 moms in the same group. I’m talking about Moms Run this Town (MRTT) Roseville/Rocklin. These runners log thousands of miles on the roads and trails, compete in races from 5ks to 100 milers and support their fellow runners just like their own family.

Jessica Harris, a daycare center operator, has a passion for running, something she started doing when she was in middle school. However, her first interest in the sport started when she was in elementary school. “I had a moment I remember when I was about seven. My mom came back from a run-she looked beautiful; tired but wow, she had such strength,” said Jessica.

After middle school, Jessica ran through high school and then college. She ran the 800 her last year of school and it was her favorite distance. As Jessica got older, that distance wouldn’t be her longest.

About a year ago, Jessica was training for the Shamrock’n half marathon by running on trails. “After finishing Shamrock’n, I realized I didn’t want to run on the road all my life,” said Jessica. Last June, she signed up for her first 50k. After training less than three months, she hit the trail in her first ultra. Jessica said her boyfriend —an ultra runner—gave her insight into what her body was capable of doing. “Once you dial in and tune into your body, you know you are capable of so much more,” said Jessica.

Jessica ran the Salmon Falls 50k for the first time this past February. It is part of the Coloma River Races. Jessica said it was a great experience with a helpful staff, and a well-marked trail. Some of the runners from MRTT made the Salmon Falls 50k their first ultra. “I ran the first 15 miles at race pace and then I hung back and waited for friends doing their first or second 50k,” said Jessica. “A group of us ran to the finish holding hands.”

MRTT has a group mentality that’s infectious. They encourage all running levels and you don’t even have to be a mom to join the club! Jessica scouts out various runs in the Sacramento region and asks race directors for a group rate so that their club is present.

One of the next runs on the calendar for MRTT Roseville/Rocklin is the Coloma River Run on May 14. The run offers three different lengths, 5k, 10k and 10 miles making it a perfect family event. “The biggest thing we want is representation for our group,” said Jessica. “When we win the biggest group and get to make a donation, that’s a big thing for us.”

And the Coloma River Run will be a family affair for Jessica. She will run the 10 miler and her daughters, four-year-old Abigail and two-year-old Amelia, will run the 5k. This will be Abigail’s fourth 5k!

As Jessica’s mother was an inspiration to her, it looks like her daughters are running down a similar path.

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